Kita Tahu Apa Ada Dalam Kepala?

Tahu apa yang otak sedang lakukan?

Atau apa yang otak sedang fikirkan?

Posting kali ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Bolehkan? Mahu latih otak kita.

Ceritanya minda sedar dan para sedar.

We don’t always know what our brain is ‘thinking’.

Unconscious processes exert great influence on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The brain can process nonverbal and unconscious information.

Information processed unconsciously can still influence therapeutic and other relationships.

It’s possible to react to unconscious perceptions without consciously understanding the reaction.

Perhaps try explaining it this way,

“Sometimes you may react emotionally to something you hear even though you know realistically not upset was intended.

The experience represents your emotional memory that occurs automatically.

You can rewire your emotional memory.

You can also learn to catch your thoughts in a moment where your mood takes a turn for the worse and thinking through the accuracy of your thoughts in that moment.”

In other words, we can however learn to think about thinking.

Thinking about thinking is also known as meta-cognition, or in neuroscience terms

higher order executive processing

As a parent, a spouse or a friend, you’ll understand the importance of our children, spouse or friends not only knowing themselves and their options.

But knowing how they make decisions.

Importantly, how to develop the ability to reflect on that decision-making.

Tuning in to our inner thoughts, our inner critic, or our wise higher self is important as it enables us to identify the thoughts that make us feel good.

Those that make us feel bad.

What is worth challenging and what is worth promoting.

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